A Small Miracle for One Shelter Dog

Written by Robin Litwin, sales

A remarkable thing happened today – our beloved boy Kai found his forever home.

This goofy, happy, large, dark brown sweetheart of a shelter dog had spent several months at our local overcrowded shelter, hoping someone would recognize his endearing qualities. We, the volunteers, felt he was one of our favorites (although every dog there is truly a “favorite”), and we made sure he got enough love on a daily basis. Day after day, he would sit at his kennel door with “that look,” toy clutched in his mouth, just waiting for someone to pay attention to him.

He had already been once returned by a family that didn’t, or couldn’t, invest the time or energy to correct some of his behavior problems– like chewing. We knew he would make a fabulous pet for the right family.

And then, from heaven, along came such a family –

with four teenage boys armed with lots of friends and a wonderful home with a big backyard and a pool, a nearby lake, and space for him to just be himself!

he has more kids to keep him company than he knows what to do with . . . ” they told us afterwards.

When they first met Kai at the shelter, they spent a long time with him – playing ball in one of the yards. They would then check out the other dogs, but always came back to him.

“We really weren’t sure at first if we could take on the challenges of a chewer, with all the warnings about him and the destructive behavior. It took us visiting him two days in a row to finally decide that Kai was worth giving a chance and trying to see if we could manage his behavior.”

The decision to bring Kai home was made – this family decided to give it their best shot, and our boy Kai was being given the ultimate ‘golden opportunity.’

And to date, our boy has come through with flying colors!

His days are filled with biking with the boys, swimming with tennis balls in his mouth, sleeping on a giant comfy bed, good meals, a toy box brimming with heavy duty toys, giant soup bones, great treats, and the love of a wonderful family.

“This has been the best decision that we have done. I thought that the work with him would be extensive but he has (been) such a blessing . . . Kai is just so happy you can see it in his face … I wish everyone would be willing to give other animals at the shelter a chance to experience the unselfish love and the joyous memories one loving animal could bring into the family.

Kai has brightened our days and has shown us how much love he has and that all his waiting hasn’t been in vain. I hope others will take the time out to show a pet the unconditional love that he or she is waiting to show you … “



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